Assessment of an Educational Tool for Pediatric Cardiac Nurses on Individualized Family-Centered Developmental Care.

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Critical care nurse

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BACKGROUND: Prevention of neurodevelopmental sequelae is a high priority in the care of infants with congenital heart defects. Individualized family-centered developmental care has been identified as a promising approach to promote infant neurodevelopment during hospitalization.

OBJECTIVE: To educate nurses on the concept of individualized family-centered developmental care and its application to nursing practice and to reduce perceived barriers to its implementation.

METHODS: Two evidence-based visual educational tools called "developmental care flowers" were created and implemented in the inpatient and procedural units of a cardiac center. Each flower petal represented a core component of individualized family-centered developmental care: cue-based care, patient positioning, supportive environment, and parent engagement. Surveys were administered before and after the educational intervention to assess changes in nurses' knowledge and perceptions of individualized family-centered developmental care.

RESULTS: Nurses reported that the developmental care flowers improved their understanding of individualized family-centered developmental care. The educational tools reduced some perceived barriers to implementation of this care model and increased nurse-reported inclusion of parents in care. Qualitative feedback from staff members regarding the tools was positive and acknowledged that individualized family-centered developmental care should be an ongoing priority.

CONCLUSIONS: The inpatient and procedural developmental care flowers are useful tools for educating nurses about individualized family-centered developmental care. They could be revised into more interactive tools that might be used to educate parents and further support the integration of this care concept into nursing practice.



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