This collection of citations is for the scholarly works of CHOP's Nurse Scientists published in 2019.  If you have materials that should be added to this collection please contact the team at CHOP Digital Repository.


Submissions from 2019

The Experience of Pain and Pain Tool Preferences of Hospitalized Youth., Elena M. Becker, Bryan Wilson, Mei Lin Chen-Lim, and Elizabeth Ely

Ten-Year Systematic Review of Sexuality and Breastfeeding in Medicine, Psychology, and Gender Studies., Melissa K Bucher and Diane L. Spatz

Breastfeeding Guidance for Orthodox Jewish Families When Newborns Require Special Care and Continued Hospitalization., Laura M Candelaria, Toby Bressler, and Diane L. Spatz

Maintaining Breastfeeding During Severe Infant and Maternal HSV-1 Infection: A Case Report., Margaret A. D'Andrea and Diane L. Spatz

Human Milk and Infants With Congenital Heart Disease: A Summary of Current Literature Supporting the Provision of Human Milk and Breastfeeding., Jessica A Davis and Diane L. Spatz

Parental Uncertainty: Parents' Perceptions of Health-Related Quality of Life in Newly Diagnosed Children With Cancer., Ijeoma J Eche, Teri Aronowitz, Ling Shi, and Margaret A. McCabe

Nurses' Views on Using Pasteurized Donor Human Milk for Hypoglycemic Term Infants., Debi Ferrarello, Elizabeth B. Froh, Tyonne D Hinson, and Diane L. Spatz

Nursing Research Priorities in the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN): Reaching Consensus Through the Delphi Method., Warren D. Frankenberger, Amy Pasmann, Jackie Noll, Mary Kate Abbadessa, Rupinder Sandhu, Darcy Brodecki, and Elizabeth Ely

An Exploration of Lactation Facilities and Planning in U.S. Higher Education Campuses., Dare Henry-Moss, Joyce Lee, Kathleen Benton, and Diane L. Spatz

Same-Sex Mothers and Lactation, Nina A Juntereal and Diane L. Spatz

CE: Knowledge of Precision Medicine and Health Care: An Essential Nursing Competency, Ruth Lebet, Paule V Joseph, and Edwin N Aroke

Nursing Practice With Transthoracic Intracardiac Catheters in Children: International Benchmarking Study, Amy Jo Lisanti, Jamie Fitzgerald, Stephanie Helman, Spencer Dean, Andrea Sorbello, and Heather Griffis

Individualized Family-Centered Developmental Care: An Essential Model to Address the Unique Needs of Infants With Congenital Heart Disease, Amy Jo Lisanti, Dorothy Vittner, Barbara Medoff-Cooper, Jennifer Fogel, Gil Wernovsky, and Samantha Butler

CE: Original Research: The Clinical Research Nurse: Exploring Self-Perceptions About the Value of the Role, Margaret A. McCabe, Liza Behrens, Shaunagh Browning, Judith Vessey, and Mary Jane Williams

Women's Experiences with Tandem Breastfeeding., Molly Patricia O’Rourke and Diane L. Spatz

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Among Children With Congenital Heart Disease: At-Risk Populations and Modifiable Risk Factors., Kathleen R Ryan, Melissa B Jones, Kiona Y Allen, Bradley S Marino, Frank Casey, Gil Wernovsky, and Amy Jo Lisanti

Protecting Breastfeeding for Adolescents who Return to School., Diane L. Spatz

Human Milk and Breastfeeding Outcomes in Infants With Myelomeningocele., Diane L. Spatz and Elizabeth B. Froh

Lactation Experience of Mothers and Feeding Outcomes of Infants with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia., Diane L. Spatz, Elizabeth B. Froh, Dana Bartholomew, Taryn Edwards, Katherine T Wild, Holly Hedrick, and Ursula Nawab