This collection of citations is for the scholarly works of CHOP's Nurse Scientists published in 2018.  If you have materials that should be added to this collection please contact the team at CHOP Digital Repository.


Submissions from 2018

Experiences of Women Who Donated Human Milk., Laura M Candelaria, Diane L. Spatz, and Noreen Giordano

Facilitating Milk Donation in the Context of Perinatal Palliative Care., Joanna C M Cole, Jessica Schwarz, Mari-Carmen Farmer, Aimee L Coursey, Shawnese Duren, Marisa Rowlson, Judy Prince, Maren Oser, and Diane L. Spatz

Predicting Pressure Injury Risk in Pediatric Patients: The Braden QD Scale., Martha A Q Curley, Natalie R Hasbani, Sandy M Quigley, Judith J Stellar, Tracy A Pasek, Stacey S Shelley, Lindyce A Kulik, Tracy B Chamblee, Mary Anne Dilloway, Catherine N Caillouette, Margaret A. McCabe, and David Wypij

Implementing a Breastfeeding Toolkit for Nursing Education., Catherine Folker-Maglaya, Maureen E Pylman, Kimberly A Couch, Diane L. Spatz, and Penny R Marzalik

Status of Legislative Efforts to Promote and Protect Breastfeeding and the Provision of Human Milk for Women Returning to Work in the First Postpartum Year., Elizabeth B. Froh, Alexis Cascino, Sara K Cerreta, Emily A Karsch, Leah F Kornberg, Jordan E Lilley, Lauren Welch, and Diane L. Spatz

Best Practices to Limit Contamination of Donor Milk in a Milk Bank., Elizabeth B. Froh, Jill Vanderpool, and Diane L. Spatz

Lactation Space Experiences and Preferences Among Health Care Workers in an Academic Medical Center., Dare Henry-Moss, Stephanie Abbuhl, Lisa Bellini, and Diane L. Spatz

Factors That Influence Breastfeeding Initiation Among African American Women., Tyonne D Hinson, Asheley Cockrell Skinner, Kristen Hassmiller Lich, and Diane L. Spatz

The Association of the Nurse Work Environment and Patient Safety in Pediatric Acute Care., Eileen T. Lake, Kathryn E. Roberts, Paula D. Agosto, Elizabeth Ely, Amanda P Bettencourt, Elizabeth S Schierholz, Warren D. Frankenberger, Gianluca Catania, and Linda H Aiken

Face and content validity of variables associated with the difficult-to-sedate child in the paediatric intensive care unit: A survey of paediatric critical care clinicians., Ruth M. Lebet, Lisa A Asaro, Athena F Zuppa, and Martha A Q Curley

A wake-up call: persistent barriers to the provision of evidence-based lactation support and education in the NICU., Beverly Rossman, Paula P Meier, and Diane L. Spatz

Beyond BFHI: The Spatz 10-Step and Breastfeeding Resource Nurse Model to Improve Human Milk and Breastfeeding Outcomes., Diane L. Spatz

Helping Mothers Reach Personal Breastfeeding Goals., Diane L. Spatz

Pasteurized Donor Human Milk and Milk Banking Through the Human Milk Banking Association of North America., Diane L. Spatz

The Need for Research in Pregnant and Lactating Women., Diane L. Spatz

The New Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Guidelines., Diane L. Spatz

Travel Considerations for Breastfeeding., Diane L. Spatz

Cost and Use of Pasteurized Donor Human Milk at a Children's Hospital., Diane L. Spatz, Abbey C Robinson, and Elizabeth B. Froh