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Nutrition status plays a critical role in pressure injury (PI) healing and yet the available literature, especially in pediatric patients, is limited. Critically ill pediatric patients are at an increased risk of skin integrity compromise and PI development. Adequate nutritional intake can often be challenging to achieve in this population and immobility and illness present additional obstacles to maintaining skin integrity in this vulnerable population. Despite the unique nutritional challenges and needs of this group, there is no standardized approach to macro- and micronutrient management and monitoring. Here, several key vitamins and minerals believed to play a role in PI healing are discussed and an approach to nutritional management and monitoring for PI healing in pediatric patients is proposed. Registered dietitians (RD) are essential to assess individual patient macro and micronutrient requirements, to identify gaps and make recommendations to optimize nutritional therapy that may exist and impact wound healing. We used a scoping review to focus on the interplay of nutrition and PI healing and inform a multidisciplinary approach to PI identification and management. Through this review, we propose a strategy for the nutritional management of pediatric patientsPI.


macronutrients, micronutrients, nutrition management, pediatrics, pressure injury, wound healing



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