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Case Report: Managing Growth Failure While Maintaining Exclusive Breastfeeding.

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Journal of pediatric nursing

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This case study presents a mother who was able to maintain exclusive breastfeeding after having an infant who experienced growth failure between the two- and four-month pediatric primary care visits. This mother was exclusively breastfeeding her child and the infant was noted to "fall off the growth curve" at the four-month infant pediatric visit. At this point the mother was advised to formula feed her infant. The mother did not want to give formula and sought out assistance from the first author who connected the mother with an advance practice nurse at the pediatric site. By working with a nurse practitioner to develop an individualized feeding plan, the mother's breastfeeding relationship was able to be maintained and the infant gained weight. Despite receiving initial recommendations to formula feed her child, we were able to work beyond those recommendations by providing evidence based breastfeeding interventions and support. A breastfeeding assessment is an important factor in each wellness visit.


Breast Feeding, Developmental Disabilities, Female, Humans, Infant, Mothers, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Assessment

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